Strauss Feeds is a family-owned agricultural business. Founded in 1875 by Daniel Strauss, great-great-grandfather of the current managing generation, our business was initially just a water-powered mill on a farm along the Eel River in North Manchester, Indiana where farmers came to grind their grain. Today, we still have that same feed mill and continue our family’s tradition of agricultural excellence into a sixth generation.

Over the past 140+ years, our business has experienced several transformations. Although the nature of our work has evolved through the years, the purpose of our work remains the same: our employees and customers remain at the center of everything we do.

Strauss 7-LR

Beginning in the early 1970s, the company began developing feeding programs for veal production. By the 1990s, Strauss Feeds began manufacturing milk replacers for dairy calves and dairy beef.

At Strauss Feeds, we work hard to satisfy the needs of our customers, provide meaningful work for our employees, and enrich the quality of life within the communities where we operate. We’ve been committed to excellence from the beginning – it’s the Strauss way.